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The World Knows........

In the mid 1980’s the world’s government and financial institutions began a steady decline. By the beginning of the 1990’s, world war three was on the horizen and the human race was on the brink of self-destruction. Nations were already splitting over financial and religious desputes. The American government was near total collapse and it was taking the rest of the world with it. European markets were crashing and the general state of the human race was panic.

While most supernatural races did not care for humans, they did understand the concept of sharing the same space. After all they had been doing it secretly for thousands of years. Most of the races agreed that something needed to be done before the humans destroyed them all but none could agree on a course of action. A particular vampire Prince by the name of Lyson Ryath came forward and offered a possible solution to the supernals dilema. His proposal was simple, reveal their existence and give the humans something else to focus on besides their own destruction. This solution was met with a great deal of opposition at first. After all, what Ryath was advising was little more then a war against the humans. Revealing their existence would be met with severe prejudice. It was the whole reason why they had kept their idtentities secret in the first place. However, it did not take very long for the other racial leaders to realize if something drastic was not done soon their world would be torn apart by human war.

A council was formed consisting of one representative for each race. A mission statement was composed and signed by all council members and a copy of this statement was sent to each government of the world. At first it was considered a hoax and most world governments tossed it aside, not daring to believe that something of that caliber could possibly be real. Ryath expected this reaction, however and instructed his people to finally breech the veil of secrecy they’d cast upon themselves and show their inhuman abilities in the open. He specifically ordered them not to harm any human unless they were attacked first. For the most part, Ryath’s orders were followed. There were a few over zealous individuals who took Ryath’s order to mean it was open season on any human they came across but those who disobeyed orders were soon hunted down and disposed of. Ryath wished the humans to view their new neighbors as allies, rather then something else to attempt to eliminate.

Once most of the world’s government realized the mission statements they’d received were truth, they began to mobilize their armies to destroy the evil monsters that resided among them. Ryath had planned for this reaction as well and so had most of the council. Humans have a tendency to want to destroy what they do not understand. Ryath sent a council member to every major government around the world to attempt to negociate a peace between all races. If the monsters could over come their prejudices and work together, then so could the humans.

The plan did not work exactly as Lyson Ryath had envisioned. He had hoped that the humans would come to realize they could not possibly win against the supernals and would then embrace them as distant cousins. This was not the exact effect he received. Instead there was ten years of savagry and bloodshed as the humans tried to wittle away from the world what they did not understand. These years came to be known as the Decade of Darkness as they were marked by nightmarish attrocities and many deaths of all races involved.

In the end it was the younger generation that finally saved the world from decimation. Children have no real concept of differences and they calmly accepted the other races at face value. During the years of savagry, the younger generation chose to get to know their strange cousins and learn from them rather then fear them and try to destroy them. It took time for the world’s governments to come to the conclusion that they were not winning this war. A few of the larger country’s leaders took a step back and watched what the younger generation was doing. They decided it might be best to take Lyson Ryath’s representatives at their word and attempt a tentative peace.

A truce was struck in 2005 and most of the world began to rebuild their societies. At first, human leaders tried to maintain their superiority and demanded the other races follow all human laws. The supernal representatives agreed to these terms but pointed out the flaw in this request. Most supernaturals could do things that humans could not and there would need to be laws to cover those abilities if they were abused. The American, European, and Canadian governments saw the logic in this suggestion and worked with the supernal representatives to make laws and establishments that would police their contry’s non-human citizens.

In 2010, it was announced in America, Britain, and Canada that supernaltural races were now considered legal citizens and had all the basic rights of any human being. Special establishments and law enforcment groups were created to police the supernal races.

Today there is still prejudice and racial tensions, however supernaturals are accepted on a much wider scale. The world is a changed place and the mortals know that some of their nightmares do actually exist. This is where we pick up our adventure. Can your character survive in this new and unknown world?

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Game History
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