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 Replenishing Your Power Source (Feeding)

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Replenishing Your Power Source (Feeding) Empty
PostSubject: Replenishing Your Power Source (Feeding)   Replenishing Your Power Source (Feeding) Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2012 3:50 pm

I used to ask my players to write a feeding mood at least once a month for their vampires to replenish the blood they use. I learned this is an incredible pain in the neck not only for my players but for me as well. Therefore, I will be doing feeding differently. This will also apply to Primal Urge, Glamour, and Gnosis (once I open up Mages to the game).

The only time I will ask you to write a replenishing mood is after combat or some other scene in which you drop below half of your current rating. Any other time I would prefer a simple roll PMed to me once a month. This roll will be of a social nature since New Orleans is aware of it's supernatural residents. If you have Herd, Retainers, or the equivelent of these Merits in the other venues, then you may add your number of dots in the Merit to your roll.

The PM should include the manner in which you are attemtping to feed, (IE using presence or manipulation), it will also include either the socialize, streetwise, or survival skills (if you do not have socialize or streetwise), and whatever disciipline you choose to use. Please PM me the atribute, skill, merit, and or discipline you used along with the roll results. If for some reason you fail, I will respond with what happens and open a thread should it be necessary.

For Vampire Players:

If I do not recieve a roll from you at least once a month, then you will begin the next month at half your blood pool. If you go two months without sending a roll, then you will be reduced to one blood and you will immediatly go into a frenzy and we will establish what happens at that point.

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Replenishing Your Power Source (Feeding)
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