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 Office Hunting

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PostSubject: Office Hunting   Office Hunting Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2012 9:57 pm

Melissa didn't waste anytime in looking for an office. She had actually done some searching online prior to moving to New Orleans. She had located a small office within a strip of buildings located close to the downtown area. The strip itself was mostly dedicated to health related services as there was a dentist and chiropractor there as well. The picture from online were what got Melissa's interest. It had a small room as soon as you walked in for a waiting room, but then there was another door leading to a hallway that led to two more rooms. There was even a small opening in the wall for a secretary to work at. This was an ideal setting for therapy because the hallway leading to the other rooms could ensure privacy for patients who came in.

Melissa was unsure about the landlords' attitude towards her as he did not seem too thrilled when she requested that they meet in the evening. She suspected that he either knew she was a vampire or was at least eccentric enough to make the request. He was very brief in showing her a tour of the place and so she was glad she had seen pictures. After making sure the building was going to be suitable to see patients and not a dilapidated mess, she agreed to sign a lease. The landlord told her he would have it mailed to her and then he'd leave her the keys.

As she drove away from the building she glanced at it one more time, wondering just how busy she would be in her new practice. If there would be enough kindred or other supernatural creatures in need who would see her, or if she would have to resort to seeing mortal patients. She had no reservations against doing this, but given her undead life there were malpractice risks that could occur with mortals that she chose to avoid when she opened her practice back in Baltimore. She hoped that the New Orleans population would keep her busy enough though where she would not have to need mortals, except for her hunger and possibly staff.

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Office Hunting
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