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 How It Works

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PostSubject: How It Works   How It Works Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2012 1:13 pm

This is a very simple concept and one that has been done in numerous novels by adventurous authors. The only difference here is the use of the World of Darkness rules for mechanics to use your character’s special abilities.

Unlike most WoD sites, I will not be hosting several different venues in their own personal forums. There isn’t a need to do it that way as almost all of the supernals know about each others existence. Vampires know Mages, Werewolves, and Changelings exist, just as the mortals do. Therefore, the segregation of the different venues is moot as all supernals are expected to get on in a civilized manner with everyone else. Now, there will be private areas for all venues to hold their meetings. But for the main IC areas, it will be open to all characters.

In addition , all characters will begin the game with Occult 2, specialty in supernaturals. Now, this only means your character knows about the other races. It does not mean your character knows the inner workings of the other racial societies. For example, your character is a Changeling. You have been around long enough to know there are werewolves, but you have no idea what they do, nor do you know how to pick one out of a crowd. You know they turn furry on occasion but you would have no way of knowing they have tribes and auspices unless you found a nice werewolf and started asking him questions. I wouldn’t recommend that though. They tend to get testy about too many questions.

All supernaturals are considered US citizens. So, in the mortal world your character has rights as a sentient being. This means your character will have to be aware of the laws of the mortal world as well as the laws of your supernal society. This does not mean the consequences of those laws are equal to every type of supernal. For example, your werewolf decides it’s a good idea to break into someone’s house and take down a nasty toxic spirit. Should your character be caught, he will be charged with B & E and be incarcerated in a place of the Alpha Packs choosing with werewolf guards to insure he completes his sentence in peace. If a vampire were to break into someone’s home and get caught he would be charged with attempted murder. Why? Simple, vampires eat people, werewolves don’t. Now, if the vampire could prove he was only in the house to steal something, then the charge would be lessoned and he would be given to his Prince for sentencing.

The government has also requested that each supernal society create it’s own police force to keep tabs on their own people and engorce both sides of the law. Each society has complied with this request. Most of these groups will work together should a particularly nasty supernal decide to cause havok in the city. I am allowing PCs of this type, however keep in mind your character will have more restrictions placed on them IC due to his or her job requirements.

I am sure you have guessed by now that this is NOT a canon game. If you would like to play a canon game then I would suggest finding another WoD PBP site. If you need any recommendations just ask, I know of a few good ones. If you don’t have a problem with trying something new and exciting, then please stay and join this slightly fractured World of Darkness.
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How It Works
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