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 The City of New Orleans

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The City of New Orleans Empty
PostSubject: The City of New Orleans   The City of New Orleans Icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2012 5:26 pm

In the days before the revelation of supernal existence, New Orleans vampiric power base was separated into three factions. The first was run by the current reigning Prince, Augusto Vidal, the second was run by Baron Cimitier a Cirle of the Crone member who directly opposed Vital's Sanctified rule, and the third run by Antoine Savoy, a relativly new kindred to the court who claimed the Frech Quarter for his own and was not opposed at the time.

Beofre the reveal became a reality all three kindred were contacted and asked to gather all supernal races together and form a committe to represent their city. Lord Savoy ignored the request, calling it a farce and refusing to comply. Baron Cimitier payed it little heed as it did not directly affect him or his flock. Prince Vidal was the only one to take the request seriously and began sending his people to seek out the other races. This took time of course, as most other supernals do not react well to vampiric kind. In time, representatives of the Changelings and Werewolves stepped forward and made their voices known. The committe was formed and the reveal was made world wide.

Due to the murky past of New Orleans and the nature of it's mortal inhabitants, the news was taken with relative ease and little in the way of shock. The population of the city is mostly made up of individuals who practice the arts of Voodoo. When one believes in evil spirits and blood magic, learning that supernatural entities such as vampires, werewolves, and fae truly exist is merely confirming things already suspected.

Baron Cimitier did not take the decision of the Prince and the rest of the world in stride however and chose to take himself and his followers underground. Already under persecution for his beliefs from Vidal's more staunch followers, Cimitier decided it would be best to remove the glaring target he and his followers presented until mortals were better equipped to handle the truth.

Some riots sprang forth, generally from the Catholic population of the city, but the period of destruction was short in comparison to the rest of the country. Prince Vidal came before the mortal residents of his city and explained that he was a Catholic himself and understood where the people were coming from. Once this revelation was made, Vidal had the Catholic population under his thumb and ready to accept him and his followers with little hesitation. This all but unseated Antoine Savoy from his own small position of power.

To show his own support of the recent changes, Savoy chose to relinquish control of the French Quarter to the Changelings, giving them a safe place to dwell and a small seat of power for their own. He then moved into the Garden District and claimed it for his own. In the interest of keeping the peace, Vidal granted Savoy's "request" for Regency and conceeded the area to his rival.

Today, the Changelings of New Orleans happily make their homes in the French Quarter and keep to themselves. Werewolves were given the domain of the parks of the city as well as the the Bayou. Some would say this was merely table scraps, but since the vast majority of the city is rife with disturbing spirits and energies, most did not complain. Vampires still hold the base of the power in the city, however the supernal council rules for all three races.

Five years ago a vote was taken to include an upstanding mortal in the council and the mayor of the city was selected as representative for his kind. Since this seat was added to the council, mortal life has become more balanced and more laws for mortal saftey have been passed. This causes most kindred to be on their best behavior when around the mortals (and is a little vexing to Vidal's Ventrue sensabilities) but it keeps the peace.

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The City of New Orleans
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